Blessed Sacrament School provides an exceptional Preschool-Grade 8 education for its students. This educational experience is unique for many reasons.  Our academic programs have a standards-based curriculum that prepares students for high school and beyond. We are a Catholic institution providing faith based learning for building a strong religious foundation for each child. Class sizes are small which allows the teachers to know the students well and provide individualized instruction as needed for each child. Current technology is infused into the curriculum preparing the student for life-long learning with 21st Century skills. We pride ourselves with our many community outreach events and services which is an integral part of our program. The students enjoy giving to others and building relationships outside our school community.  Blessed Sacrament School also fosters lifelong friendships. These friendships are not only with students, but with teachers and staff. We are so proud of our school and enjoy sharing it with others. We encourage you to come visit, see our programs for yourself, and learn why we say that Blessed Sacrament School is "A Positive Place to Be".

What people are saying about our school...

My daughter loves her school, the lifelong friends she is making! I love it because it challenges her academically. She is involved in so many clubs and programs. BS is helping my daughter become a beautiful person. - Judy N.

I love the structure for my son. The teachers are patient and kind. They encourage creativity and learning. It's a small classroom where your child gets individualized attention. – Michelle L.

Blessed Sacrament is more than a school - it's a community and family. The teachers and staff are so engaging and it's evident that they all love what they do. Beyond the text-book education (which I believe is top notch) my children also love the music, art, club and community service programs that the school offers. Blessed Sacrament teaches not only the fundamentals, but also strives to make them more well-rounded and respectful individuals, which I believe is crucial for their development. My children have made amazing friends and I love interacting with all the families at Blessed Sacrament. Sending my children to Blessed Sacrament is the best decision we ever made! - Hayley D.

Blessed Sacrament is a very caring school. The teachers stay because they enjoy their jobs. They get support from the administration and their pastor. We wanted a Catholic education in a faith based community. I am thrilled to see Fr. Gentile visiting the kids often, greeting them in the yard. His presence is important. When you feel your pastor is invested it makes you want to be invested. – Carin G.

My daughter loves the teachers and all her friends. We like the structure, small class sizes, and feeling of community. - Sarah L.

BS is a great school community! The kids are disciplined and kind, which is a direct outcome of their experiences in the classroom and extra-curricular activities. The teachers and staff are caring, compassionate and treat our kids as if they were their own. Fr. Gentile is a perfect pastor for this school/community environment. – Chris L.

We love the small classes, the feeling of community, the way the younger and older students interact in class and outside, and the focus on behavior, expectations and academics! The list goes on and on!!! – Kristin C.

Blessed Sacrament offers so much in the sense of a community. I admire the teachers’ enthusiasm and dedication to the students and the school. My kids have had such great experiences with friends and are learning so much with academics. Great place - made such great friends along the way! - Lynan C.

“My favorite things at Blessed Sacrament are eating, snacks and playing outside. Also I do a lot of learning.” – my son in preschool. As parents we love the structured, nurturing environment. We feel very connected to what is going on in the classroom and appreciate the communication and effort to keep EVERYONE involved. The staff all seems really invested and truly caring about everything that goes on and you see that commitment at the various after school and weekend events that occur which always have a tremendous showing. – Ashley L.

Love BS school in every aspect already mentioned. My son is getting the best education possible as well as being taught kindness, respect and being humble. Love the teachers and appreciate all the time and attention given by them to help my son become the special boy that he is. Also would love to see St. Mary's High School stay around for many more years... Can I sign him up now for his freshman year to start the head count?? Great school...great church...thank you also Father Gentile for all you do for our children. – Josephine T.

After what we went through as a family a year ago with my daughter in public school, I can’t express how lucky we are to have found BS. She is challenged but yet keeps up academically. The friends she is making that hopefully will be by her side for years to come. I knew from the minute we attended the first ice cream social that we made the right decision. I attended Catholic school as a child and I thought no one still taught that way. Being at BS has been like having another family, and to me family means everything. I truly thank the teachers, principal, office and the kids and their families for welcoming us with open arms. – Kristina S.

I love Blessed Sacrament for so many reasons. Blessed Sacrament is a community and everyone is so friendly, kind and welcoming. I love it for its small class sizes and close relationships with teachers, classmates and families as well as the principal and entire staff including the Pastor, Fr. Gentile. Everyone at Blessed Sacrament has been wonderful to interact with. Education, safety and values are held to a very high standard. In addition to a solid and well-rounded curriculum, my daughter learns about discipline, respect and our faith. I also appreciate the uniforms. It makes getting dressed for school simple and the students all look neat and very put together. The teachers are absolutely wonderful - they are natural leaders and nurturers. I love to see my daughter play school and imitate her teachers - I can see how much she admires and respects them. My daughter enjoys the playground as well as music and art classes and loves her teachers and friends. We have been blessed! – Joanna S.