• The omission of the Sign of Peace
  • No Communion by the cup
  • Communion is in the hand only and will be distributed at the end of Mass as the final blessing to limit movement in Church
  • The Holy Water fonts are to remain empty.
  • Removal of hymnals and other prayer cards Mass guides etc. from the pews
  • No baskets can be passed hand-to-hand, instead baskets will be at all the entrances for parishioners to drop off their envelopes
  • Social distancing (6 ft minimum) to be abide by at all times unless you live in the same house
  • Masks will be required for the entire duration of Mass while inside the Church building
  • Bishop is also extending the general dispensation.



We understand that all these changes can be confusing and sometimes frustrating. However, the goal is to remain open so that we can worship as a community.  Please know your health and well-being are important to us and we are doing everything that the CDC guidelines requires.  Before and after each Mass, the Church building is being cleaned and disinfected by our staff.  Hand sanitizers are available at every entrance.

Please note that Eucharistic Ministers cannot wear gloves. If they accidentally touched someone's hand, it would be extremely difficult to tell, and they would be unable to clean the glove.  They will sanitize thoroughly on the Altar before they begin distributing Communion. They will also have hand sanitizer at their individual stations. If they feel they have come in contact with anyone while giving out Communion, they will stop and re-sanitize their hands thoroughly and will repeat this as many times as necessary.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.