Please Welcome Fr. Tom Shea to Blessed Sacrament. A few months ago, I ran into a retired priest who was living in an apartment by himself. He was telling me how he missed living in a rectory, with all the life that surrounds parishes. I have known this priest for some time. I was his altar server when I attended Holy Name in Springfield when he was a younger priest. I asked him if he would be interested in taking residence at Blessed Sacrament Parish. A couple months later, he approached me and asked if I were still willing to offer residence to him. I told he would be welcomed in the rectory. While he would have no responsibilities, he is willing to help out in whatever way he may be needed. So, if you see Fr. Thomas Shea hanging around the parish, there is not a problem. He is a retired priest, who will be in residence, and I am sure you will embrace him.  Fr. Gentile